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Private Relocation

Our services are totally bespoke making your move  easy and stress-free

Our services include

Property Search, Education Advice, a Settling-In Package, a Goodbye Package and Pet Care

Catherine and Laurence’s services were invaluable to us as we moved from France to London during Covid, post Brexit. Their services were truly personalized and perfectly adapted to our family’s needs. They were always available to answer questions, give advice or research a particular subject. They will look after you as if their own family and follow through all work streams until finalized

S. and G. September 2021

Property Search

Property Search

Why us?

When relocating to another country, stress is the last thing you or your family need, you want to be totally focused on the job straight away and for your family to be happy and relaxed.

  • We are independent from the estate agents, we are on your side and will act as your exclusive private home finder.

  • We will search through the network of London estate agents/ property websites and our own direct contacts in complete discretion and confidentiality to find you a suitable property.

  • We will help define your needs through a detailed questionnaire.

  • We will assess the properties by viewing them first and only select the ones that will match your needs and preferences, making sure you don’t waste time or opportunities.

  • We will negotiate the lease terms.

  • We attend the inventory check-in on your behalf.

How we do it?

  • We define the search’s specifications following the completion of the property questionnaire by you and we identify the right areas: preferences, needs, essentials, work distance and allocated budget.

  • We discuss and give insightful information on the identified areas, pointing out specificities, advantages and differences.

  • We pre-select matching properties and organise rounds of viewings for the client.

  • We view the selected properties with you (up to 10 properties).

  • We discuss the terms, conditions and necessary documents with the estate agents/ landlord.

  • We negotiate the lease terms on your behalf.

  • We attend the inventory check-in on your behalf.

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Education Advice

Education Advice

Why us?

There is an extensive selection of schools and educational systems to choose from in the UK, it can be confusing and time-consuming to know what to decide.

  • We offer tailor-made service to your specific requirements, and provide detailed information to help you make the right choices.

  • We help with the application process, can arrange school visits and accompany you. 

  • We suggest tutoring experts if your children need help with their exams or University applications.

How we do it?

  • We explain the various educational systems.

  • We help you choose between state/ independent (private), day/ boarding English schools. There is a variety of private schools: alongside English schools you will find international, French, American, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish schools and others.

  • With our knowledge we can help you decide what school is right for your child and how you can navigate the rigours of the admission systems, registration procedures and interviews.


More info about our Education Advice Fees

French schools

in London

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Settling-in Package

Settling-in Package

Why us?

We will help you settle-in smoothly by ensuring all necessary registrations are completed. Our settling-in package starts from day 1 of our collaboration and will go way beyond your move into your new home.

How we do it?

We will assist you with:

  • Opening of utilities: gas, electricity, water

  • Telephone, internet, TV licence

  • Council tax registration

  • Home insurance

  • Bank account opening

  • NHS healthcare registration (GP) and finding private practitioners

  • NI (National Insurance) number

  • Parking resident permit

  • Pet relocation

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Goodbye Package

Why us?

When it’s time for you to leave and you need someone to pack your bags, off load your furniture and generally deal with the nitty-gritty of the move, we can make things a lot easier. 

How we do it?

We will:

  • Put you in contact with removal companies and supervise the packing. 

  • Deal with the termination of your lease, with the inventory procedure and the return of your deposit.

  • Notify and terminate the utilities, insurance companies, the various memberships, deal with the DVLA for the export of your car. 

  • Assist you with all the administrative side of your departure so you can concentrate on your next destination.

Packed Moving Boxes

More info about our Goodbye Package Fees


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Goodbye PAckae
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