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When you send executives abroad, you want them to be quickly ready for action at their new destination.  You want them focused on the mission they have been sent to accomplish, not their move.


Once you have explained your specific needs, objectives, time scale and budget to us, we will produce a unique plan of action for you.  From there on, we will be your business partner in this country ensuring your executives and their families settle and adjust to their new life, new home and new work environment.


We minimise the disruption of the move for your executives while ensuring costs are kept under control.

Case study 1

When IAS, which is based in Toulouse (France), contacted us to help with the installation of 8 Korean participants due to attend a 4-month course in aeronautics at Kingston University, we helped preparing a practical handbook for all the participants to settle to their new life in Kingston. We assisted them opening bank accounts and mobile phones contracts.  More importantly we arranged weekly meetings with the group to answer their questions and inform them on the seasonal and local cultural or sports events making sure they would take advantage of London and the UK at its best. We also advised on trips they wanted to make in Europe at weekends.

Institut Aéronautique et Spatial (“IAS”) on behalf of Airbus

April to July 2018


Case study 2

Institut Aéronautique et Spatial (“IAS”) on behalf of Airbus

May 2018 to : ongoing


IAS contacted us again this time in relation to 5 engineers and their families coming from Turkey to Portsmouth and Stevenage for a period of 18 months to 24 months.  The brief was to help the engineers to find a place to live, a school for their children and help with the administrative side of the installation.  This included the opening of bank accounts, furniture hire, setting up utilities, healthcare and generally assist with any queries the families may have.

We started by doing intensive searches for flats and houses in Portsmouth and villages around Stevenage.  We visited many houses and flats but also local schools and spoke to the councils regarding space availabilities and conditions of entry at the various schools. The participants completed a questionnaire about budget, accommodation preferences: flat or house, number of bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished, areas etc.  We then  selected a certain number of properties for each participant to visit.  Once the property selected we negotiated the leases with the estate agents sometimes at great length and help with the completion of all pre-delivery conditions.

We provide a “hotline service” for the 5 participants with their families who have settled down in Portsmouth and Stevenage enabling them to ask us questions or help them with any issue they may encounter.

At the end of their contract we will help them with the closing of the various utilities/ bank account/ lease etc until they move to their next destination.

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