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Commercial Premises Search

Looking for an office, retail space, restaurant or school premises?

We'll help you find it and are with you every step of the way and beyond

You are starting a new business? You are expanding and need bigger or additional premises? Through teamwork, dedication and knowledge of London we respond to your needs and help you find the perfect property.

Why us?

  • We only work for tenants.

  • We are totally independent.

  • We will look everywhere until we find you the perfect property.

  • We are with you every step of the way and beyond.

How we do it?

  • We work exclusively for tenants looking to find the right commercial property for their business.  We do not work for landlords and as such we are able to focus on finding the best solution for the tenant not the owners of the building.

  • We are totally independent from commercial estate agents and can therefore look everywhere and anywhere for the premises that suit your needs.

  • We provide you with advice throughout the process and at every part of it.  We discuss your needs, the different areas you may be interested in, the different types of properties, the usual lease terms and how we negotiate on your behalf. 

  • We present you with a range of property options based on your specific requirements.

  • We narrow down the options taking into account every important factor which affect you: location, type of property, proximity to amenities, footfall, rental rates, lease terms and others.

  • We visit and carry out inspections of premises with a view of finding the property that exactly matches your needs.  We send you a selection of properties and video links for you to decide which properties you want to see.  We accompany you to the viewings of selected properties.

  • We help you with the negotiation of the lease terms and the transaction process.

  • We have a network of partners: solicitors, accountants and others we can introduce you to.

Please contact us for a free quote for your Commercial Project

absolutely relocation commercial premises search.jpg
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Why us?
How we do it?
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