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About us

"We believe our own experience brings great benefits, we'll help you navigate the various complexities of such a life changing event."


We are your local partner and offer you life solutions under one roof.

  • You are moving to a new country, we will help you find somewhere to live, select the right schools, deal with administrative tasks and help you fulfill your lifestyle expectations

  • Wide network of selected and trusted professional partners

  • Strong international background

Meet the founders

Absolutely Relocation London Laurence Najarin

Laurence Najarin



I am a qualified solicitor and “avocat” with 15 years of experience. I worked in Brussels, Paris and London.

When I started a family I had to readjust my life and learn how to navigate the changes.

Knowing from experience how time consuming and sometimes challenging it is to start a new life abroad, I can help you and your family to settle in smoothly.

I speak French, English, Portuguese and some Spanish.

Absolutely Relocation London Catherine Worsley

Catherine Worsley



I have a master in law and 15 years professional experience in PR and communication in Paris.

I moved to London in 2000. Learning the new codes of British life, settling in, starting a family and a new business in London, I wish I had received some help from an experienced Londoner. I can make you benefit from my experience with your life transition. 

I speak French, English and German.

Photos : Nathalie Gayda