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Catherine and Laurence were invaluable to us as we moved from France to London during Covid, post Brexit. Their services were truly personalized and perfectly adapted to our family’s need, and they were always available to answer questions, give advice or research a particular subject. They will look after you as if their own family, and follow through all work streams until finalized". 

Sofia, Operating Director

IAS designs and implements  customized training sessions all over the world. Accompaniment of our customers in their daily life abroad is crucial in the good execution of training sessions. For our UK actions, we found in Absolutely Relocation the perfect partner with the same customer minded spirit we focus on. Catherine and Laurence are obviously part of our success supporting our customers in accommodation, schooling, and administrative issues… with smile and professional behavior

Valérie Barthe, 

Head of Business Development, IAS

(Institut Aéronautique et Spatial) 

Absolutely relocation london corporate s

When we decided to move to the UK, we had a lot of decisions to make. First of all which school to choose for our children and also which area to live in allowing an easy commute to school/ work, with good public transport facilities… Thanks to Absolutely Relocation’s abilities to understand our needs as well as their knowledge of the schools and areas to live in, this was made easy and stress free. We are very grateful for their help and recommend them… absolutely!

Marie, Head of Audit and Business Control

Catherine was very aware of our needs. She quickly found a boarding school for our son, with a very specific profile. Thanks to her dual-cultural background, Catherine understands foreigners expectations. She was extremely reactive which made the search process very efficient.

Stephanie, Paris based Artist

Catherine helped me so much when I had to choose between two completely different academic systems for my 6 year old daughter. After listening carefully, she truly understood my dilemma. Her rich experience and knowledge of both systems (English and French) gives her a great insight and was invaluable in my decision making.

Candice, Cultural Events Manager

Laurence expertly helped me to successfully negotiate and navigate the intricacies of the French administrative process and policies. She was methodical and supremely efficient throughout the process. I couldn’t have done without her.

Sarah, Lawyer

I received very helpful and sound advice from Laurence & Catherine when we decided to move our daughter from the French system to the English system. They shared their knowledge and their contacts with us.
Olivier, Managing Director