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Absolutely Relocation

Your relocation partner


When you relocate to another country, finding a new home and settling in can be extremely time consuming and even daunting.  Stress is the last thing you or your family need when you have been assigned an exciting and challenging mission by your employer. You want to be totally focused on the job.


Once you have explained your needs and objectives, we will make your move as easy as possible: screening available options to match your needs, keeping you constantly informed, accompanying you during the viewings, helping you to negotiate the best price and conditions for your new home.


And of course we include additional services to go with your move: selecting the schools for your children, registering with the utilities, helping you with the healthcare, opening a bank account, finding a nanny or a dog walker and any other services you may need.


We want you to enjoy being here and take advantage of all that is on offer in London and in the UK. We make your move stress free.

Case study 1

Advice on school systems and properties in the UK

  • We advised a Franco American family when the parents decided to move their daughter from the French system to the British system.

  • We advised an Australian family of 4 who was moving from Sidney to the UK.  We advise on the various school systems available in the UK and the suitable areas to live in.

Case study 2

Advice on selecting schools and properties in London

  • We advised a French family of 4 relocating to London on the choice of a school in the French system and on a property to live in.

  • We advised a family of 4 from North America on the different educational systems available to the UK and suitable to the children of that family we then advised on suitable areas to live in.